Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Love Story Wednesday

We're going to skip around the story a little bit. There is no rule about having to go in order, right? Today I'll tell you how *B* propositioned me (as he puts it). Actually, he is telling me now that he didn't propose to me, I proposed to him... I know that isn't true, but he thinks it's funny that I didn't write anything down from that time and told him I needed his help. ha ha! After spending Saturday with his family... and the maternal extended family at the coal mines up by Tropic having an Easter picnic and egg hunt (and, I later learned, raising a lot of questions because we were so cozy... apparently his sister & brother-in-law didn't even know we were dating). On the way home we stopped off at *B*s favorite fishing hole, Quail Creek, and chatted for a while. He spontaneously blurted out, "let's get married." My response was, "okay." As you imagine that scene think of the way I say okay when I think someone is being crazy (even though I figured he was serious) and you'll have it about right. He looks at me kind of thunder-struck'ish... "really?" he asked. I thought about it for another second and said, "sure." I can't even begin to tell you how cute he was. Giddy is the best way to describe the way he was bouncing around. I just laughed. I had known for a month or so that we were going to get married eventually, but that's another story for another Wednesday. There are a few fuzzy details but *B* says it doesn't matter because we are happily married now. I hope you are all thinking of your own love stories and writing them down if you already haven't. Enjoy the Journey!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Love...

I love it that I've got such great people around me. I've had chicken soup brought to me for lunch the last two days. How cool is that! I've never had anyone bring me something when I'm sick. People ask occasionally, but they never call up and say, "Have you eaten yet? I've got chicken soup for you. Can I bring it by?" I love a good book. I may have mentioned that I started reading The Kingdom and the Crown series again. I read the first one, Fishers of Men, and then went to get the next one from the library but it was out. I've had to request it. While waiting I've been reading The Peacegiver again. These are all repeat reads, but totally worth it. They are excellent books. I love hula seventy's pictures. She finished her 365 photo project. Hers was in conjunction with her 36th birthday to-do list. She did a photo a day... not necessarily self-portraits. I love the colors and the perspectives. They just make me happy to look at. I need to take a photography class. How does she get her colors to pop like that? I love it when *A* says, "okey dokey artichokey" I love the inspiration I find on the world.wide.web... I am making a tiny-art painting on a recycled thank you card. I'll post it tomorrow. It was inspired by Kal Barteski. I think she's way fun and I also love her triple-arm pumps. Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, February 25, 2008

It Just Doesn't Work

It just doesn't work to be a mom and to be sick. I've been fighting this... yuck... for approx. two weeks now and it finally hit me hard on friday. I spent Saturday and Sunday in bed (sort of). On Saturday I "thought" the boys were playing outside (they had asked to take Bully, a stuffed dog they have become obsessed with lately, for a walk). The phone rang. It was our neighbor... "Sister Miles, I just saw your boys walking down 100 South headed toward 400 East." Wow, that's like three blocks away! I hurried and threw on something more appropriate than a robe and hopped into the blazer to get them. Just as I was about to pull out a memeber of our bishopric pulled up with my two little wanderers. Thank you! As I quizzed the little men about what they were doing it made perfect sense... They were looking for their dad. Well, there you go. How about you wander the entire city looking for your dad when all you had to do was come into my room and say, "Mom, where did Dad go?" I could have easily told them he was at Lowe's to get some trim to finish trimming out the inside of our doors and also to pick up some beet and spinach seeds for our little garden and avoided the whole situation. But that would be too easy! On Sunday we had our FHE about the parable of the talents and tried to liken it to our situation at hand (little wandering men... did I tell you they went to the park alone a couple of weeks ago?). The first guy had five rings (representing how far he could wander from home) around him because he was older and had been given "according to his several abilities". The second guy only had two and the third guy only had one. In our story the 2nd and the third guys both lost their rings because they showed they weren't responsible enough to go anywhere and that's why they are now doomed to remain inside the fence until next week when we can have another reckoning. If they blow it again they will have to remain inside the house. Yes, I will love that. It will be so easy! Enjoy the Journey

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love Story Wednesday

I've been looking at the list again. Sometime I'm going to have to start telling my stories. I've noticed that a few of the blogs I frequent have a plan. They talk about specific things on certain days. I think that might make it easier. So, today is telling my love stories. I'll have to try to remember that Wednesday is love story day... if it doesn't turn out to be an inspiring love story day I'll change it, but for now, Wednesday it is. I will start with the first time *B* and I met. We I was at his parents house with a group of people I had been hanging out with (his brother included). We were going to have a game night but at this point in the story we were all standing around in the kitchen talking about disgusting things we had eaten on our missions. I was pondering about how pathetic my life was because I had been hanging out with these guys for a couple of months and was getting a, "you went on a mission?" reaction. Seriously, come on guys... I think we've had this conversation before. So there I was, thinking, "what am I doing here with these people?" and *B* walked in... looking very rugged and mountain man'ish from his elk hunting expedition. No, I'm not going to lie and tell you it was love at first sight. Honestly, I was thinking, "Wahoo! I'm saved!" and praying that he'd be more interesting than a bump on a log. We talked for a while and then I migrated with the rest of the group to play games and he did what ever mountain men do when they come in from the mountains. I didn't think anything more about him until I saw him at a fireside a few months later ( I had since moved to the city he lived in)... again my response when I saw him was, "wahoo! I'm saved!" For some reason I was the creepy guy magnet at the firesides and didn't have it in me to be really blunt and outright rude to them. I am not kidding when I tell you that I almost ran to *B* when I saw him across the gym. He saved me at those firesides more than once and I am being entirely honest when I say that I was totally using him for my own selfish desires. He was my white knight on a steed. Literally. So, that's it. My stories will be about as interesting as they come. Maybe after I tell about the true love I'll share some of my creep stories... like the time this guy asked me to go out for ice cream but then drove to the temple and started playing with my hair... eww! Enjoy the Journey!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello Again!

Hi! It's been a while. I've not been feeling the greatest. I hope you all had Happy Valentine's. I went to the school and helped in little man #1's class... they passed out Valentine's and had a little sugar rush party. This one game really had them all going. They had 30 seconds to stack as many conversation hearts as high as they could. The little man was doing great but he'd always push for just one more and the tower would topple. After a few rounds he was so frustrated. I felt so bad for him. He's way too much like me. Too perfectionistic or whatever. We just need to learn to leave well enough alone. *B* had school on the 14th so we celebrated on the 15th. He took me out to Texas Roadhouse and then we went and saw 27 Dresses it was a cute movie. We both really liked it. I had to laugh though, because I kept having to fight the tears... it's these stinking pregnancy hormones... the poor girl just got stepped on way too much. Today a lady knocked on my door and said that my boys were naked and that she completely understands since she has boys of her own... she was just worried about perverts. Yeah, me too. I swear... who told my boys they don't have to wear clothes if there is water around? They had stripped down (and the neighbors 4 year old grandson too) and were playing in the irrigation water running down the gutter. I honestly didn't think it was warm enough for that yet, but there they were. I wasn't up to fighting with them so I got their swimsuits for them. No more naked! The next time I looked out they were covered in mud. I just can't win! A special prize for all you readers from Redbox... free DVD rental. If you haven't tried the redbox you should. Can't beat $1 movies. All you have to do to get the free rental is type in the code: DVDONME when you check out. You'll still have to swipe a credit card just for identification purposes (and so they can charge you a dollar if you keep it longer than 1 day) but hey... free movie. We just watched No Reservations last night. We both really enjoyed that one too. I love that you can now rent the movies on-line then just go swipe your card and pick them up. No more having to scroll through the movies to see what's there and what isn't (sadly, the free codes don't work with on-line rentals). We really like movies at our house. Lastly, I just uploaded more [365] photos. My photos are totally lacking in creativity and... something. Oh well, at least they're there.

Monday, February 11, 2008

We're Having A...

Well, you know me. All I can say is that it's a baby. If you'd like to see a profile shot from the ultrasound you can click the [365] link at the right. I've also added a few other pictures from the last few days. I thought it was funny that some random guy wants to add my "I voted" picture to their group. Yeah, I don't think so... I will let you know that we told the ultrasound tech up front that we didn't want to know, so he warned us when we we're in any areas that could give things away. I did see something at the begining, and if I were more confident in my abilities I would say that we're having another boy, but... well, let's just say I'm not holding my breath. I am not really confident in my abilities and *B* didn't see the same thing I did. That said, we're having a baby! Enjoy the Journey!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

[365] Questions Answered

I am not sure where the 365 thing started. I know of a guy who did a portrait of a different person every day for a year...365 portraits. I know of a self-portrait challenge site. I know of two women who have collaborated and took photos of a year of mornings. This year they're doing a year of evenings. It's pretty cool. Ali is doing the 365 self portrait challenge, as are Elsie and Amber. I just found this guy and am going to steal some of his portrait ideas. And of course, the Hula Seventy lady. I really like her. She is doing a photo a day... not self portraits. Mine may turn into that too, but I figured that we're all lacking photos of ourselves since we're generally the ones behind the camera. Why not try the self-portrait route. Erin asked if I was also trying different camera techniques etc. Yeah, not so much. Maybe I'll start playing around, but for now... pretty happy to just do this. I hope you like the links. I know there are so many more out there, but these are the ones I've stumbled across and I really like them. These ladies (and the couple of guys) are so incredibly talented and inspiring. I think they would be really fun to know. Life would never be dull. Enjoy the Journey!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

[365]: My Newest Project

I don't know if any of you "surf" enough to know about this project. It is really widespread and trendy is probably the best word to describe it. The idea is to take one photo of yourself every day for 365 days. I think it's kind of cool and I've been doing it a little lately. Some day when I understand what committment is and when I have the gumption to actually do it I might be serious, but for now I'm just taking it one day at a time and trying not to stress about it. I should also be taking the opportunity to really learn how to work my camera and all of the nifty things it can accomplish, but again, that would require more gumption than I'm up for right now. Here's a peek at the few I've got so far (I've set up a flicker link for the next bunch. Let me know if you have trouble accessing it)...
1*[365]: My first official shot. I like it. I think it says a lot about me. Do you love the socks with my crocs? I also get a kick out of the random way I sudoku. Do you sudoku?
2*[365]: I voted. I hope you did too. *B* is very disappointed that his guy, Mitt, is probably out of it. We've been very wrapped up in the debates etc. around here. Now he says that we're just going to have to hold our noses and vote for McCain.
3*[365]: See that? It's the print out pages of our tax return! Wahoo! I'm so glad that's done and we're getting a return that will help pay for our baby in July (1st), and our vacation in October. Maybe if we work it right we can even get some food storage out of it. I hate paying taxes, but I would never be able to save the money we get from the returns, so I just look at it as a savings account. I know, that's really dumb! Just so you know, this may just end up being another "unfinished project" I've undertaken, but that's okay. I'm cool with that! Enjoy the journey!