The List

1. Work through the handbook for life. It's 52 suggestions for happiness and productivity.
2. design and print my own fabric
3. make a children's book
4. open a shop
5. sell a childrens book
6. order Mini Moo cards

7. Make and use a creativity tracking worksheet. the budget
9.plant flowers
10.make a windowbox a photo series
12. Print and display the photo series maybe in canvas?
13.  write 34 thank you notes
14. Live with intent.
15. Make a vision board
16. Get film for the Argus 40
17. take pictures. [maybe the hand series?]
18. Develop them.
19. Put pictures on the walls.
20. Scrapbook 1 page per week.
21. Put them in a book.
22. Interrupt the cycle
23. Go outside
24. Build a dollhouse.
25. Decorate it.
26. Move a family in.
27. Make a camera strap
28.Make throw pillows
29. Read the Scriptures
20. Organize for 15 minutes a day
21. Learn to count
32. Make pocket books
33. Have people over
34. Do things on purpose

*Get this e-book: Flying Lessons

Mondo Beyondo List:
Attend Sunday Dinner