Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I Did Today.

The other night I was feeling like I never get a solitary thing done. The house was bugging me. The kids were bugging me. I was bugging me... *B* made a list of the things I had done that day. I snorted and said it's really pathetic when he's trying to cheer me up with a list and the best he can come up with is "the bed is made." But, he made his point. I do things. I made a list yesterday and another today. I'm working on feeling good about what I do everyday and trying not to focus on what I don't do... This is what I did: *I* brings in the girl because she's crying. I nurse her then get up/dressed + fix her breakfast. "encourage" *I* to do his a.m. pegs + get him off to school. put whites in wash. vacuum the girls floor and gather her toys so she can play. pick up in bathroom + empty garbage + scrub the floor + swish brush around in toilet + gather supplies to mop floor. the girl is crying. rock the girl. phonecall from PTA pres. re: yearbook checks. phone call from *B* + chat. strip *A's* wet bedding off for washing. decide toilet needs more than swish. really scrub toilet. rock + nurse the girl + put her down for nap. clear breakfast dishes + load/start dishwasher + pull labels/glue off babyfood jars. phonecall from Melissa re: soccer cleats for *I* + *A* goes to play. check soccer schedule for jersey color + remember after game snacks. eat cookie + drink water + work on list. clear + wipe table + sweep kitchen/dining room. the girl wakes up. feed her. lunch call w/ *B* I eat noodles. clean + play with the girl..."where's your ears?" she grabs them and smiles then claps when I cheer for her + she falls asleep. freshen up levis in drier. work on Erin's box... eat two cookies. sucked into summer hairstyles on the www. >>> check e-mail >>>listology 1001 books to read before you die >>>shelfari shelf browsing >>>schedule AmX payment >>>pay utilities >>>set up mortgage auto payment plan phonecall. fold levis + whites in to dry + *A* wet bedding in to wash. girl awake again. feather headband how-to on MJ Trim >>>checking out favorite blogs >>>random crown search >>>awesome knitting pattern >>>tell myself "GET OFF THE COMPUTER!" phonecall from Melissa re: *A* make it home? he did. then he left again. hmm... should I be worried about him? *I* home. work on homework. try to motivate him to do jobs. he disappears. *A* bedding in to dry. rock the girl. start dinner + *B* home + eat + guys go to soccer game. give the girl a bath in the kitchen sink + put on jammies + rock + cuddle + nurse + she falls asleep. work on Erin's birthday. guys home + March Madness + boys wake up the girl + boys to bed in trouble. e-mail >>>answer Erin's question "who was your first kiss + how old were you" + get *B's* answer >>>start blog post. put girl in crib to cry + cut *B's* hair + rock the girl to sleep. watch end of Villanova vs. Duke + Missouri vs. Memphis games + have few bites of icecream... It has been really good for me to have this awareness. I did get some things finished and I got a lot of things started. While it's true that the table needs to be cleaned off again + the floor has crumbs on it again + the sink is full again, I can see now and appreciate that it was done. Three days ago I would look at the house and feel frustrated because I knew I had been going all day but nothing seemed done. Today I know I had a full day and can see the humor in the crazy randomness of my life. I am enjoying the journey. finish post + go to bed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This weekend our primary is doing an activity for the kids to help them be more excited about General Conference. It's coming quick! As we [the presidency] sat around the table chatting about what would be most fun and user friendly for the kids I was introduced to a few things I thought would be fun and wanted to share them with you...
one: "Conference Reverence Tent" this is a story from the Oct. 2008 issue of The Friend. I thought it was a super cute story/idea. I've been wanting to make teepees for the boys and I'm currently trying to figure out how to make a circus tent for *A's* birthday next month. I'm hoping I can combine all projects into one. This tent is from Erin Harris of House on Hill Road. She made them with the Kindergarten classes as a fund raiser for her kid's school [another idea I think is fabulous]. She says no sewing machine is involved and using cupons the project cane be done for around $30. Sew, Mama, Sew has the tutorial she used for making your own. I love the idea of letting your kids decorate it. We will definitely be doing this for FHE on Monday night [after I run it passes the big man in charge].
two: I'm sure you've all seen these conference packets. You can download them at Sugardoodle. They have other conference ideas for kids too and there are other packets out there + the March 2009 issue of The Ensign has a great article about this too. I think the sugar doodle packet is fun. Some of the other presidency member thought it was a little wierd... "why would we want to draw attention to the fact that someone is bald?" I think the layout is cute and fun and even the non-readers can do most of it. Plus, by drawing attention to the baldness, glasses, canes, ties etc. the kids will really look at them and hopefully start to recognize them. Even if it is for their baldness.
Hopefully you and your family will get a chance to listen to the Prophet's voice and enjoy General Conference next weekend. I personally can't wait. [If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can learn more here.]
Enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


[only it's Wednesday and I've just now realized it...]

one: I make lists. A couple of years ago I started making a yearly to-do list on my birthday (inspired by none other than Hula Seventy) and I recently stumbled across this project by Elise that I love. What a great way to keep track of the things you feel are important enough to actually work towards accomplishing. I mean, I really just love the idea of having the list but yay for a cute way to document it besides just a crossed off list!

two: This is my new [old] camera. I got it for $30 on e-bay. It works. It has a sweet industrial looking flash that also works. I can use it for through-the-viewfinder photography (TtV). As soon as I master the art of manual mode on my XTi. That is the agreement. Until then it will stay in it's box.

Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4th

march forth I am infatuated by this date. Not as imposing as the new year it is a time to committ to moving forward. I am working on a way to complete the projects that I am still passionate about the importance of but have lost some of their pull on me. It's a secret though... I will share more soon! What is on your perpetual to-do list? Enjoy the journey! Oh! I almost forgot this video. I LOVE it. I wish I knew how to just load it here. Please don't pass it up just because of inconvenience...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


one: Have I shared "through-the-viewfinder" photography with you yet? If I have, you're getting it again... only more feasible. When I first saw the photos that HulaSeventy was taking I fell in love with them. The whole concept to me was fun + random + I knew I had to try it. I went looking for a twin lens reflex camera. They are considered vintage/antique so can be a little pricey. I couldn't bring myself to buy one just to satisfy my curiosity. My wise sister, Erin, let me know that someone would come up with a photo overlay/action to get the effect. I just needed to be patient. Oh great wise one... you are so right. Of course it was the brilliant team of Heidi Swapp and Rhonna Farrer. So... I love these.
two: A repurposed sweater. Molly Irwin is brilliant. I absolutely want to try felting wool and making something cool. Something cool like this adoreable sweater set.
In closing: As I'm not entirely convinced that my love is the end product or the fascination I have with the process. So, with that said... If any of you like to frequent second hand stores/thrift stores and ever come across one of these cameras at a decent price (I could see myself paying up to, oh... $40) call me, or if you can't call + you know it's too good to pass up, I give you permission to make the purchase for me. I'm good for it. Please keep your eyes peeled for wool sweaters on the cheap too.
As a note: The camera doesn't have to be the same brand as the picture. Just a twin lens reflex (basically that means it has two lenses and you look through the top to shoot the picture) I'm looking for one with a square view finder (the part you look through) and I would love if it was a little messy/aged like the edges in the sample photo. I want a camera with personality. I do want to be able to see through it though.
And I love striped sweaters. The bigger the better. Must be 100% wool.
Enjoy the journey!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Keeping My Promise...

Just a couple of photos I took as part of a class by Kara... counting my blessings (not including people... yet). I just took a walk around my house and took pictures of what ever caught my eye. Things I've been taking note of lately.
This one cracks me up... *I* has some troubles actually lifting the seat and peeing into the toilet. It makes me angry. When I see this star I am happy because the lid was lifted and I like to think that he stuck it there to give himself a little pat on the back for remembering. I am not a woman who gets upset for the toilet seat being left up. Better that than a wet bottom!
I love new projects. I love things to make + do. I'm working on my life story. I'm getting my hands dirty and thinking about things I love/people I love. It's been fun. I'll share more when I have more.
One night while *B* read the BofM to the boys I doodled "I love you" in a notebook with the crayons dotting their floor. The next morning *I* brought a note to me and stuck it on my wall...
There are more. I've got them on my flickr.
Enjoy the journey!