Friday, October 29, 2010

What Do You Think?

A few months ago while reading Tollipop I saw this shirt. At first I thought, that's really random. Cool though. Actually I really like that. Then I commented on her blog that I was curious about the shirt. Then she wrote back that she thought they got it at American Eagle. I wrote back, "When I saw it I thought, 'wow, what if I had a gocco [or could cut out butcher paper with mad skills] and made a shirt for each item on my list of dreams/wishes?' What would you do with your dreams always before your eyes? Do they really have more of a chance if you put them out there? Would putting them on a t-shirt make them come true?" And the more I dwelt on that thought the more it reminded me of something I did a while back. So I went looking...I found it in May 2007 kind of a while back. So now I am prone to think that I am the unknowing designer of an American Eagle shirt. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts on Consistency

I visit teach a few sisters that I can't seem to touch base with for one reason or another and so have started delivering a copy of the message with a letter of my thoughts I would share if I were there. I decided that since the task is done I might as well share it with the world. So, believe it or not, I have taken it upon myself to visit teach anyone who cares to listen. Enjoy! This month's Ensign is a special issue all about temples. It has some really great articles in it. I chose to share this one, and specifically focused on this part: "If we can pattern our life after the Master, and take His teaching and example as the supreme pattern for our own, we will not find it difficult to be temple worthy, to be consistent and loyal in every walk of life, for we will be committed to a single, sacred standard of conduct and belief. Whether at home or in the marketplace, whether at school or long after school is behind us, whether we are acting totally alone or in concert with a host of other people, our course will be clear and our standards will be obvious. The ability to stand by one’s principles, to live with integrity and faith according to one’s belief—that is what matters. That devotion to true principle—in our individual lives, in our homes and families, and in all places that we meet and influence other people—that devotion is what God is ultimately requesting of us. It requires commitment—whole-souled, deeply held, eternally cherished commitment to the principles we know to be true in the commandments God has given. " As I read through this article I was especially touched by the thought that if we make the Savior’s life a pattern for our own it will not be difficult for us to be consistent. I think one of the greatest things I struggle with is being consistent. Sometimes I feel like I’m wandering through life with a blinders on. Seeing only what is directly in front of me. Letting myself be distracted or lead off course by the words or actions of another. On more than one occasion I’ve had older people in church turn and, not so gently, ask why I can’t manage to keep my kids quiet. It hurts every time. And every time I wonder why I even try. What the article says, “It requires commitment --- whole-souled, deeply held, eternally cherished commitment to the principles we know to be true in the commandments God has given.” That’s not a new concept. As I look around at people who seem to have it all together I feel like I often fall short. I’ve got to stop doing that. I know that no one is perfect and we’re all just trying to do our best. I for one can do better at taking off my blinders and recognizing the good. Seeing not just the grouchy old person who can’t hear the speaker, but also the beautiful loving face of the grandma in the row behind who understands exactly what I’m going through. I know it’s been random, but this has been good for me. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. I hope you’ve been able to get something of worth from them too.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome Back Autumn

So glad to see you again. Seriously. I just can't get enough of Autumn. Last night we took a drive up Kolob Mountain to gather leaves and just enjoy the Autumn light. Everything looks prettier in Autumn. On the way home we stopped at the Farmers Market and picked up pumpkins. The 10 cents per pound price tag meant that everyone got to choose their own. The girl has been giving her pumpkin some love today. I've been working on some projects. This here is my latest for Jessica Sprague.It's Photoshop Friday Episode 23: handmade photo collage. Some of you out there have asked me how to do this in the past. Here is a quick and easy to follow how-to. And because it just happens to be Friday, it's on sale! That's right! $1.00 until Sunday midnight EST [f.y.i: There is a great how-to up for a buck every Friday. This is a great + need I say cheap way to expand your Photoshop skills]. I can't even explain it for a buck! Plus with every episode you get all you need to complete the sample page as you walk through the how to with Jessica guiding you the entire way. It's awesome!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


one: a heads up: Calling all superheroes, ghosts, witches, ninjas, grandma pumpkins, and fairies [naughty and nice]... Jessica Spragues template 1.07, is wicked cool and the JS Aroo! paper + elements pack... yeah. Nice. I worked a bit of an engorgement charm on the journal card and some shrinky dink magic on some paper for the ribbon. And now that that's taken care of... Butter beer anyone? Here's to my first time posting a layout as a CTM at Jessica Sprague. I still think it's crazy. Fun + exciting + overwhelming [though I'm sure that particular feeling will dissipate eventually] + crazy. Did I mention crazy? Here it is: This page is entirely made with products from Jessica herself. So not only is she the mastermind behind the "Spraground," but she makes awesome products as well [not to mention her brilliant ability to teach complicated things in an understandable way]. Seriously. I'll bet you didn't know that my first encounter with digital scrapbooking came from Jessica. It was a walkthrough template freebie like this one. And it was so simple. I was hooked. I've learned a lot from Jessica and I'm proud to be able to show off her products! FYI: The template is $1.00 tomorrow. That's right. It's One Buck Wednesday! And just so you know... that means there are lots of other great products for a buck too. So go check it out! two: a little sneak peek... this is a sampling of my super secret project. I am flip-flopping between excited and exhausted with the whole thing. I'm trying not to give up on my optimism. one more thing... go read this. It's awesome and hilarious and I promise you'll read it a couple of times and laugh every time. Really.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Notice the New Banner?

Little Man has a chair. I guess he's officially part of the family now. I'm only, what 2.75 months behind.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


vacation home for one very very rambunctious little girl. I promise that she will not leave a single surface free of one thing or another... including but not limited to paint, syrup, honey, pencil, pen, marker, poop, Vaseline, lipstick, etc. You get the point. It will only be for a couple of weeks... Anybody? I knew when I was refilling the honey bear that it was a bad idea to let her watch me. Bad idea. I'm sure you've guessed what happened next time I was confined to a space. Sadly, this story involves not the honey bear, but the refill bottle and unfortunately the couch was targeted again. And the toilet and bathroom counters [because she did try to clean her hands at one point] and random drops and drips on the carpet and floor in between. I think I'm far too distracted right now... Am I being overly ambitious with my super secret project? Argh.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Monday

So, yesterday was 10.10.10 and I tried and tried to think of something fun to do to commemorate the occasion. The boys even wanted to play along. That's as far as that went. Today I decided to celebrate late with three lists of 10. Here you go: 10 things I did on 10.10.10
  1. washed my hair
  2. wore mascara
  3. arrived late to church
  4. looked up to see Elder Holland sitting on the stand
  5. decided our family should just have a bench in the hallway so as not to be so disruptive in our comings and goings [late + girl to the potty + diaper changes + feeding + crying, etc]
  6. gave assurance to a new mom
  7. taught a lesson on repentance
  8. cut out bats
  9. supervised a bat painting session
  10. took a picture of the little man so I can finally get thank you cards printed

10 surfaces with paint on them:

  1. her hands
  2. her feet
  3. her legs
  4. her hair
  5. my hair
  6. the wood floor
  7. the carpet
  8. the couch
  9. the toilet
  10. the bathroom counter + faucet + hand towel

10 things I'm thankful for:

  1. little people
  2. who want to do crafts
  3. happy singing
  4. good nights sleep
  5. understanding husbands
  6. PBS Kids
  7. "gum bears"
  8. clean panties
  9. breezy windows
  10. baby swings

I had considered doing a photo walk of 10 things I'm grateful for, but I'm to lazy busy to even put much thought into that [honestly, the only reason I even posted this is because I started it while nursing and now I'm typing without looking at the screen because the girl is sitting on the table right in front of me. I guess she needs some love]. Today I am way behind on my super secret project. Way behind

Off to make lunch.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today I...

  1. taste tested my first attempt at homemade yogurt. The girl declared it yummy. The mommy thinks it needs some work. I'll share more on that when I've got it figured out. Until then I've used this and this for guidance.
  2. Have permission to drop the guilt over the messy house.
  3. *B* and I came to an understanding that I've got a lot to do in the next nine days.
  4. Am trying to work but it's not really working.
  5. Have a lesson on repentance floating around in the back of my mind.
  6. The littlest man is crying.
  7. The girl is into everything you can imagine and more.
  8. Today I was announced a member of the Creative Team at Jessica Sprague!
  9. Am feeling a bit overwhelmed.
  10. But excited all the same.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mandi Makes

It's October nd that means Halloween parties for room moms. I had a request to re-share my Halloween Ghoulies game [aka cooties] to the box. You can get it here. Having played this game with kindergarten aged children I would either explain before starting play that there are only these features available and that it's okay if their pumpkin is a mix-and -match kind of pumpkin. In fact, it might be a good idea for you put together a very random sampler pumpkin. So they know it's okay. Because, honestly, it's either that or have enough of each feature that they could all make pirate pumpkins if they wanted to [the eye patch was very popular last year]. That was the only trouble we had with the game itself. If you're a little rusty on your cooties skills you can get the instructions from my original post here. There is also a link to a coffin from Martha if you're interested in that. Tomorrow I will try to share a post of what you can do with that if you want to make your life a little bit more complicated but at the same time save yourself some money. If you're in the room mom Halloween game business that is.

Friday, October 1, 2010

He Said

The funniest thing this morning. And wouldn't you know, I forgot what it was. When he said it I thought, "I've got to write that down. He doesn't really say funny things on accident anymore." But then I thought, "Oh, I'll get to it in a minute. It was so funny that I'm not going to forget..."
Ladies, it's a big conspiracy. See, the older kids start to think that we're not so interested in them because we don't talk about the funny things they say. We don't take as many photos of them. etc. I don't remember the last time I did a scrapbook page about just *I*. I've noticed that the girl has top billing on this blog with a whopping 24 posts to her credit with Little Man #1 in second at 18 and sadly, Little Man #2 with a mere 12. I know it's not about keeping it even and the cute factor has some play [as does time spent at home], but... I know that Little Man #2 says and does and is as cute/funny as they come. And they all love to see themselves and read about themselves. Honestly, my kids can't get enough of the yearbooks we've done. They love them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's important to jot down the stories. Because we'll forget. It's a given. And for my kids at least, it's the stories that really make them feel important. They are the stars of their own book. And I love that they love it.