Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello There December

Today we busted out the advent calendar and were supposed to go and get our Christmas tree. I made the mistake [or not really a mistake] of putting on the note: "get your pegs done fast so we won't have to wait." You see, *B* has a calling in our new ward. And he had to be at the church tonight at 7:00p.m. That didn't leave us much time. I figured that they would be motivated to get done quickly and we could go before dinner. I should know better by now. They did eventually get finished after dinner. It took them so long that we didn't have time to go. We hoped that the meeting would be quick, but again, I should know better by now. Those things never are. So, we didn't get our tree tonight. The boys got another lesson in, "if you would have done it when you first got home... blah blah blah." So, things happen and I guess this is my lesson in going with whatever happens. I can't control things. December One, I think we've met before.
Enjoy the journey!
ps. for the past few years I've denied myself of participating in this little project. It calls to me. Every single year. I knew it would drive me crazy [irritating perfectionist that I am]. This year I succumbed. I cut up cereal boxes and decided to join in the fun. We'll see if it really is that. Fun I mean.
*UPDATE* that's as far as I got. Cutting up cereal boxes + picking up $5.00 worth of paper/products. I gave myself a limit. Maybe next year...