Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do you remember this talk? I do. I remember how it touched me and called out to me about the truth he was speaking. I think I need to watch this every morning. I need to be reminded. Enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I know I said I was taking a break, and I am. I just needed to share this photo of my Dad's crash with you all and say that I know Heavenly Father is looking out for each and every one of us. I am so grateful for that knowledge. My Dad is a firefighter/paramedic and works with the heavy rescue team [a couple of years ago he saved a guy from a highrise when the scaffolding holding the crane he was operating collapsed], he's a motorcycle riding, guitar playing crazy man and I love him for it. A few years ago he bought this flying machine and has loved it. Now he talks of getting a "backpack". Based on what he says I assume this is basically a flying machine without the go cart. I'm not really sure but it would involve running and jumping. Like I said... crazy. Anyway. This is what my mom said happened: "I thought we ought to let you know that Dad got himself tangled in some power lines today. He flew to Echo Bay in Overton and was on his way back. Over Riverside he saw Cliven Bundy watering some fields so we went back to wave. Not paying attention he throttled up to get over a fence and wrapped his chute around the power lines. It flipped him up then crashed him straight down. We are blessed that he is only sore and not really hurt or electrocuted. It could have been really bad. The power boys had to repair the line. Only one house lost power. They said it flipped the braker when it broke the line or he would have been shocked. He wasn't thinking straight and got right out to undo his extra gas tank that was leaking. Thank the Lord for your Dads safety tonight in your prayers. He will be sore for a few days but he says he's fine. " Enjoy the Journey

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just a note to let you know I'm taking a little break to try and take control of my life for a minute. Don't know when I'll be back. Hopefully soon. ** ps. I think it's so cute that when the girl wakes up from her nap she calls for *I*.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Summer ended yesterday at our house. Yes, that's right. Back to school time already. I can't believe it. *A* will be going to school. a.m Kindergarten. He met his teacher yesterday. I hope she gets a kick out of him like I do. I hope she realizes that he just needs to be loved and enjoyed. I hope she knows that he's not naughty on purpose. He won't actually start until monday, but the house is already showing signs of missing children. With big brother gone he has set off in search of friends. I've not seen him since he made his bed this morning. The quiet is so nice. Just me and the girl and she's taking a nap. Now to do something with it. Yes, lets. Enjoy the Journey!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Man. I am such a loser. And a liar too. Yep, big fat liar. I have a good excuse for not getting the book done... The girl got sick + we spent two long and sleepless nights up with her before taking her to the E.R. we've got to figure out what is up with her and her breathing issues [*B's* theory is that she's allergic to dogs. It always seems to happen around dogs. Doesn't help that she had that nasty bout with pneumonia in November either. Everything has to be treated as if it's turning into pneumonia now days]. then two long and sleepless nights turned into not just a sick little girl [who is doing much better thanks to breathing treatments], but sick mom + dad also. Aren't we so lucky... But as always, it's just an excuse. The book isn't done because I didn't get the book done. Slacker. I've decided I will not shout my intentions from the rooftops any longer. I will let you be shocked and amazed by what I accomplish when I accomplish it. From now on all my projects are top secret. Yes.
one: still a bit consumed by storytelling processes out there. I love this short story concept by Jenifer Altman. Her photos are dreamy and her writing is near poetic [this clip is from her blog. It is obviously not mine, but it didn't fit the usual frame]. There are really so many great ideas for getting your stories told. If I were more of a visual writer/poetic story teller I would totally do this.
two: Kara did this visual blogging project a couple of weeks ago and I was again inspired by her simple effectiveness and absolute brilliance. It doesn't hurt that I am a lover of watercolors myself. Plus, I can do anything for five days. In fact, I think this one might be popping up occasionally. I really enjoyed doing it. Did you hear that? I did it [that is my work shown. yes, mine]. Nice big pat on the back for me!
enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


hello hello hello! going to try to be quick here. we're on our way to the mountains again for the rest of the week. I love the mountains, but I am peopled out. it doesn't matter who or where. I am really just done. I hope it will be okay [seeing as how this is another family reunion trip]. I have to keep reminding myself to be pleasant. especially with this woman I work with. she honestly never stops talking. I feel like screaming. well, I won't tell you what I feel like screaming. it's not very nice. I'm not very nice. I keep telling *B* I shouldn't be allowed out in public, but he doesn't seem to be listening.
so, the plan this week is to put together my best of '08 book [the photo above is not mine. It's Rachel Denbow from the steady hand faulty heart class I took. I just love the look of her messy books stacked up]. I know I've been talking about it a long time. I'm not taking a book. I'm not feeling very social. I will put together the book.
one: 100 reasons to love summer. Molly Irwin is making a book right now and watch her progress is really inspiring me. I keep flip flopping in my decisions. totally indecisive as to how I want to do this thing. cold + clean professionalism? tactile + messy? so many different ways. I guess you get to be surprised with me. because, like I said. this week. I'm ordering it on monday. done or not. so it better be done.
two: poladroid. Molly shared this today. I love it! Seriously, there is this obsession I've always had with instant photos [I think I've shared this with you before... when I was so sad I lost the bidding on the grandma polaroid... that is still a sad memory for me.] once at work I won a gift card for $20 dollars to the mall + it was when wal-mart was still in the mall so I bought a mini polariod with the money and I loved it but I wish the photos had been larger. I still randomly look at e-bay for old polaroids. I am dreaming of a photo walk date with *B* on a quick trip somewhere we've never been. I've always wanted to hop on a plane and go on a date someplace new...
anyway. this program is so fun. you just drag + drop your photos onto the polaroid camera. then wait + watch as your photo magically appears as a polaroid. It even has cute sound effects. oh, try it try it try it!
enjoy the journey!