Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Already? Here I thought I was doing so well coming up with a plan to keep me posting regularly and then the week ran away with me. Seriously... is it really Tuesday again? I apologize.
one: For your enjoyment today I bring you flower pinwheels from the amazing and talented Heather Bailey (the photo is hers). Seriously, browse her blog a little and you'll find things that will make you ooh and aah. I promise. Way too many of her creations are in my make + do folder (sadly they're just sitting there... in my make and do folder. Maybe a good challenge for me would be that I share what I make from at least one of the 2.for.Tuesday ideas. Don't hold your breath on that though).
two: This one isn't off of the web, but I remembered that I had photos of this great Thanksgiving project that I want to do again this year with the kids so I'm going to share it with you instead of the one I had planned to use. I'll share it next week. Besides, I've just challenged myself to share things I've actually done and I can't resist a good challenge! This is something I remember doing probably every Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house. I had a very artistic and "crafty" Grandma. Actually, both of my Grandmas were very artisitc in their own ways. I learned a whole lot from both of them. Anyhow, this is something from my childhood and I'm happy to share it with you. I still love it. You will need: 1 apple for each participant + whatever else you want to use. Traditionally we used raisins + fruit loops (or cheerios) + mini marshmallows. In the photos we used mini marshmallows + raisins + candy corns for beaks + candy orange slices for feet + whoppers for heads. Use whatever you think would be cute and easy (whatever you have on hand). So, there you go. Have a super great Thanksgiving and... enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In an attempt to be more present here I've decided to implement a couple of new things that will encourage me to post something even though I feel blah about life at the moment. So, without further adieu, I give you 2.for.Tuesday. This post will contain two things that I think are super cool that I found on the world wide web. Enjoy!

one: On my list this year is to send 13 Christmas Cards. I try to set the bar low so that I don't feel overwhelmed and then when I go above and beyond the goal I get that boost of, "Hey, I'm pretty darn cool! Good job me!" ... Anyway, let me introduce you to Cheeky Magpie and her outrageous Christmas card:

I think I'll make a few for Grandpas and Grandmas and I think I'll make one to give away. It's a give-away people! So, if you'd like to get a "special" Christmas card from me leave a comment. Now go visit Cheeky Magpie and download your free template (make sure you read the daily post too... It sounds like I wrote it myself)!
two: I love office supplies. I love back to school. I love me a clean piece of paper and a freshly sharpened pencil. With that said, I also love systems. I think them up and borrow them from others. Somewhere there is a system that will work for me even after the novelty wears off. Here's a super cute idea that could be a system or could just be super cute:

It's from Design*Sponge. You can get the instructions and a template for the letters from the link. Look around a bit while you're there. Lots of fun and some really crazy stuff (one I am saving for a rainy day to share)!
Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Stories

I've been working on the Stories in Hand class assignments today. Personal History is a good Sunday activity right? I'll try to make "Sunday Stories" a permanent feature (telling my stories is one of the things from my previous "list" that I kept for this years list...*) . The purpose of the class is to tell your stories. Today I was doing the assignment from yesterday. It was to take something from your "snorkeling" list and go deeper. I was writing about my sister who is just younger than me. I have two other sisters, but with this one... WOW, we fought. We fought a lot. We fought over clothes and books and territory. Heck, we probably fought just to fight. I'm not talking about yelling here. I'm talking cat-fight fighting. Rip your hair out scratching/ clawing/ hitting/ kicking all out fighting. People got hurt. Doors were broken. We threw things. I mostly threw well aimed shoes. She threw knives. She says she was afraid for her life. I guess I was that mean. I'm glad we made it out alive. She is now one of my best friends. So... What were your siblings like and how did you get along with them? Enjoy the Journey! *Remind me to write about the new list PS: the "snorkeling" list comes from reading through prompts that Jessica has compiled and jotting down anything from your past that comes to mind so you can later go back and "scuba dive" to get more details down.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stories in Hand

This is from the Stories in Hand class. I hope you all signed up because the class is closed. One of the things I kept on my new list from the last is to write something every day. This time I mean it!
Enjoy the Journey!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Know You Deserve More...

But I just had to let you know... you can enter a contest to win these super cute baby legs. HERE.
The photo is lifted from the blog of this very talented woman... I hope she doesn't mind (and I hope she'll come and be a part of the collaborative project)! Check out her blog. It's super cool. I think I should really dress this blog up more. It would certainly be more fun! So... go to it.
Did I mention
that you can win 20 pairs?
Yes. that's Twenty pairs!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

San Diego

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around life right now, but I promised so you got it! I've been meaning to change my banner for a while now, so that's what I did... with photos from San Diego. Jessica Sprague (same person who is doing the class on my to-do list... and hopefully yours too. After all, it is free)... Anyway, she has a fun (and free) template download for photoshop here. Just choose your photos and "wrap" them around the gray boxes using ctrl-g. I cropped it to get my banner. That's two things off my to-do list. Good job me! Photo info (left to right): *I* with the Belugas, Mr. Stand-on-One-Leg, *A* with a starfish, *A* loves the zoo, *I* nose to nose with an orangutan, *I* trying to pet the dolphin, Grandma petting the dolphin. I realize the crop cut out too much of the starfish picture, but that's just how it is. The girl is howling and I don't have time to fix it right now. I'll add that to the list. More to come eventually... Enjoy the Journey

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Inspired by my sister I decided that I really need to do some photo uploading and photo sharing. Now is not the time. The girl is non-cooperative. I want to do it though. Don't let me forget this:
  1. San Diego
  2. Halloween
  3. Update on The Girl
  4. anything else I keep forgetting about.

Seriously... KEEP BUGGING ME!