Saturday, November 21, 2009

So, I spent the day painting

and I realized that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not going to share. I've never used acrylics before and it's going to take some getting used to. Bummer. I was trying to paint this, only better. Because it's always better when you paint it yourself. It didn't work. This is my digital interpretation of what I meant to paint. It's the cover for our family yearbook [this is the view you'd get if the book were laying open on it's pages. that's my dad + mom on the right. they'll be the front cover. all of us kids + grandkids on the back cover. one wire per family. click it to see it bigger]. I was privileged to do that this year. Put it together, I mean.
Enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cranberries + Apples

make yummy juice. I even made muffins with the castoffs using this recipe. They were good. Missing something. There wasn't a distinctive flavor. They mostly just tasted like muffin. Next time I'll try adding a bit of cranberry juice + some orange zest. And... just so you know: it isn't the fault of the recipe. I've used this same recipe for carrot muffins + I've made pumpkin muffins by actually following the recipe [well, almost]. It's a delicious recipe. I do add cinnamon + nutmeg + a splash of lemon juice [though vinegar works too] to activate the soda. To all of the above. On a different note: Christmas is coming. It's coming fast. I'm still thinking about advent. Here's a link with ideas for those of you that also do advent. I'll let you know when I have mine planned out. I'm trying to remember to take more photos. Take more photos! Enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is really a continuation of yesterday's post. As I went through the rest of the assignment yesterday, JS supplied a list of words as she asked us to think of phrases or sentences that described our holiday values. Lots of great words. Lots of important words. Togetherness. Warmth. Giving. And all of those things come into play. But really, why Christmas?

one: wonder. this is the hardest to define and yet the strongest in my mind and heart. I want my children to feel the wonder of the Savior at Christmas. The miracle of his birth. That he is the Son of God. I want them to love the baby Jesus and what he represents more than anything else at Christmas. I want them to give gifts because the wisemen gave gifts and because Jesus gave the ulitmate gift. I want them to receive gifts because without someone to receive there would be no gift. I want them to understand all of this. And more. Much much more. I am starting with the Nativity. We will set out the Nativity one piece at a time [one piece per day] and talk about the role that piece plays in the story of Christmas. Ending with the baby Jesus. I hope that as *B* and I bear testimony that they will begin to feel the true spirit of Christmas and wonder at the life of the Savior.

two: magic. is it the crispness in the air? the smell of wasail on the stove? the lights? the carols? I really believe that it is all of these things. It's leaving a gift on a door step and running as fast as your little legs will carry you after you ring the door bell and collapsing into a laughing heap knowing you didn't get caught. It's wondering how Santa gets to all of the houses of all the little children in all of the world in just one night. And do reindeer really fly? It's not quite believing Mom + Dad when they say that Santa won't come unless you're asleep and not being able to sleep because you do believe. Just a little. As always, thoughts and ideas welcomed! Enjoy the journey!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I've Been Thinking

Christmas is coming really fast and every year I tell myself that this year will be different. I won't hate Christmas. Not that I really hate Christmas. Just that I end up hating Christmas. This year Jessica Sprague is doing a free Holidays in Hand class [I think it will be similar to the Stories in Hand class that she did last year]. Today's assignment is to write my values + goals. Hmm. Good question. What do I really want? I've always been big on the magic and wonder that surrounds Christmas. I love it. I don't even hate Santa Claus. I would like to see that magic + wonder in the eyes of my children. I would really like to feel it again myself. So hear is the big question... What is it that makes Christmas magical? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Enjoy the journey! ps. today is the last day to register if you're interested. just click the link for details + free code.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I made juice. I made lots of juice. I made a juice called "Green Lemonade" and a juice called "just plain orange juice and nothing else" by *A*. I also juiced some pomegranates just to see how it would go and since I had dirtied the juicer again I made a random mix of vegetables juice for lunch. They were all gross. Except for the pomegranate juice. That went beautifully. You may be wondering how you can mess up just plain orange juice and nothing else.... the answer is this: Just because you can put the peel in doesn't mean you should. You can definitely taste the peel. I will be trying the green lemonade again with some slight modifications [one big one being related to the, "just because you can doesn't mean you should," answer to the previous question].

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


one: I had fresh carrot juice for breakfast. Mmmm. Last night I bought a juicer with my birthday money. A juicer? Yes. A juicer. Last month I read a random book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips for a bookclub and the whole idea of toxicity and the body's physical reaction to toxicity was kind of intriguing. So I checked out a book about detoxing. I know... totally random. But again, intriguing. I've been dreaming of a juicer ever since. Now I have one. So exciting! So simple and so good. This really is basically it. Just wash + cut off the end + juice away. I did add a little apple to it also. Not my art. This cute picture was done by inkatoosh. Click the picture to go to their flickr.
two: this is what I do to to get free money. I know, it's not free money when it takes a lot of time and work to do it, but it's unplanned money + therefore unbudgeted money + therefore free money. I can do whatever I want with it. I had three ordered yesterday... Yay! These are two of the first ones I ever did. They, like all things, have evolved. I'll try to remember to show you when I'm done.
Enjoy the journey!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Time

November. Time for another list. I have one. I'm debating sharing it. There are pros and cons. If I share you could all encourage me + help me along. If I don't all my great accomplishments will be a great surprise. I'm supposed to be focusing on what I actually do. Not what I meant to do... I suppose I will just leave it at this... It's November. I've made another list. A list of 33. And as a little sneak peek I will tell you that many of the things on the list contain the number 33. and I will show you this: Enjoy the Journey!

ps. the two peeks are not necessarily related. just thought you might like to know.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Story + A Little About Me + A Truth

the story: How many of you got a phonecall from a friend telling you about the deal at Payless Shoes last Friday? It had something to do with the Oprah Show and I got a few calls... send a text + get a code back = 50% of your entire purchase. I guess I'm a Payless Shoes kinda gal. Anyway, The Girl needed some new kicks so I took her and we went to see if they had anything cute. Upon entering I was floored by the line that snaked through the rows of shoes. Further inspection told me that people have no manners or common courtesy. Honestly, is it that hard to put the shoes + paper back in the box and put them back on the shelf. Shoes + paper + boxes + kids everywhere. Really. We found one pair of shoes. Just one in The Girls size. They were quite cute though so I stood in line for all of 30 seconds before changing my mind. So not worth saving ten bucks. a little about me: I have no patience. I don't love shopping. The thrill of the hunt has no pull over me. If I walk into a store that is cluttered or dirty or unmaneuverable or even if the lighting is bad [read: dingy] I will turn around and walk out. I can't do super saver stores. I just can't. Looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack is not my idea of fun. Unless [and here's the irony] it's all pretty. I have spent two hours browsing Anthropologie and wondered where the time went. And I get lost in the craft stores. And book stores. It all comes down to the, " oh, sparkly!" principle. Thus, my wardrobe. I wear jeans and t-shirts. Most of the time. I want to wear something like this [yes, I know you can't see the dress, but it's not the important part anyway]: only it would burn up our food budget for two weeks. So I think, "I could figure something out." Only who has the time. And I know the answer is in sifting through clothes at the thrift stores, etc. but I can't bring myself to do it. And now I think I've worn jeans + t-shirts for so long that I'm in that box [more on that later]. Truth: "The older we get, the fewer things we find that are worth standing in line for". Enjoy the Journey.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday. Monday.

And again, not quite Tuesday as I was going to call this a 2.for.Tuesday post. Because hey, nobody complains if you're a little early... unless you're early for a party and the house is still a bit of a mess. Or your date is early and you've just hopped out of/or in to the shower... I've been feeling restless. I want to go and see and do. I think that when you see these things you will want to join me. Really.
go: Dillon, Montana. Honestly, if I could choose to go someplace that looks like I feel right now, this would be the place. It was featured in Forbes Travel "America's Prettiest Towns" and it's proximity to world class fly fishing is a bonus. *B* would enjoy that too. Though Spring City, Utah is a little more realistic. It made the list too.
see: This is amazing. Truly.
**note** the link will take you the the photo in the photographer's etsy shop. If you choose to look through the other photos [some of which are also great] there are a few mostly naked breasts so don't say I didn't warn you. do: I feel like I need to paint. I have been so inspired by Sabrina Ward Harrison lately. If you don't know who I am talking about, I'm sorry. I feel you are missing out on an amazing artist.
Here is a great video by Kelly Rae Roberts. It's a painting start to finish time lapsed and I love it. I've been very inspired by her lately also. One day, three years ago she decided she needed to paint. So she did. Enjoy the Journey!