Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing Along

Jana has a tag on her blog. Upload the fourth photo in the fourth folder of your photos. Here's mine:
It's from when I was playing along with Ali Edwards "daily something". I can't believe it's been a whole year since I sold my scrapbooking stuff. I also can't believe that I've started buying stuff again. I'm crazy.
For those of you waiting... I'll eventually get around to sharing our trip to San Diego. It was super fun and now we're trying to recuperate. Any ideas for cheap dinners?
Enjoy the journey!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Windows Are Open

And that is a big deal. It means that the weather is finally turning! I love the crisp nights of Autumn. The smells of Autumn. The feel of Autumn. Last week we went up Cedar Mountain and the colors were beautiful and it had snowed the night before and it was lovely. I took some pictures [just went looking for my camera so I could upload said photos... it's missing. I hope *B* hid it to teach me a lesson and not the very real possibility that a child wandered off with it. that would be really sad]. I taught the nieces/nephews how to whistle with acorn tops. We scared the boys getting lost on a muddy road. I think Autumn is my favorite time of year and I honestly think that it's the only reason I love Halloween. No, I think I might just love halloween for the candy. And the dress up. Can't forget the dress up. It's been a very busy week for me. Here are a few notable occurances:
  • Tuesday I went and watched Les Miserables at Tuachan with the Y.W. I loved sitting in the open night air of the canyon. If you haven't experienced Tuachan you really should try to make it... in October. It's the only time of year that it's not sweltering (I'm sure there's a time in the spring too, but I can't decide when that would be. April maybe). When I got home the girl was screaming at *B*. Wonderful *B*.
  • PTA meeting yesterday. Have I used the word stupid yet? ARGH! the girl cried the whole time. again.
  • Last night was supposed to be my book club but it was canceled. I went to Krumpet's instead. They were having a halloween late night sale and the cashiers were all wearing blinged out witch hats. I loved them. I love halloween. Really, I think I just love to dress up but don't feel comfortable drawing attention to myself. That makes halloween the perfect opportunity and I don't feel like an idiot in the process. I should really get over that issue. I bought a few strands of jingle bell spider garland.
  • I also had a church volleyball game last night. Finally I am feeling the volleyball in my blood and it's so good! It's been such a long time.
  • Tonight the boys are gone camping again and it's just me and the girl. I have a to do list for the weekend. It goes like this (in order of importance/deadline):
  1. make invites for primary get-together.
  2. make changes to primary sacrament meeting presentation: cut out parts [2 sets], type in words to songs for teachers copies, make up program for for the presentation.
  3. baby names. three of them.
  4. scan collabo stuff & do a new post/call for starters (you know you all want to play...).
  5. blog class assignments [that post about autumn up there... that's an assignment!].
  6. finish slippers.
  7. get long sleeved onesies and applique something to match slippers.
  8. CLEAN THE HOUSE! This one is in desperate need of being numero uno, but it doesn't have a deadline. I guess it could technically go in at no. 4, but well... even though cleaning makes me happy I really enjoy that other stuff too!

I think I'll put some cider on the stove to make the house smell yummy. Or maybe I'll just simmer up some chai spices and have some chai hot chocolate. mmm.... Or maybe I should just go to bed so I can tackle that to-do list seeing as how I spent my night reading Percy Jackson and playing on the computer...

enjoy the journey!

Erin, This One's for You!

You know, if you'd call me you wouldn't have to cry for new posts... And for everyone else out there: Erin was laughing at me because I just finished a week long class called "Bling Out Your Blog" by Kimberly Brimhall... I "met" a lot of fun new people, but didn't do any of the assignments. As always, there is a very good reason for that. As always! Anyhow, I will get around to it. You need to check out her blog. I love it. Also, I've opened up my blog to the public so... I will continue to be uber-paranoid about protecting the innocent and would appreciate the help of commenters in the know. Thanks!