Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Saturday

Project 1: Old Boris + a box of Vlad's native soil = a certain nine year old boy's dream project. I think he just wanted the Dracula Pez dispenser inside. In addition to Queen of Quirk's Old Boris kit I also used her Jeepers Accent Pack [I thought I had taken a photo of the inside of Vlad's coffin, but alas! There is not one. It's the very cute 70's yellow/brown diagonally striped paper- It's my favorite part]. The coffin treat box template is from Martha Stewart.
Project 2: costume record + fabulously cute homemade envelope using Carina Gardner's Haunted + Raven collections. The girl is going to be Dorothy. The baby will be the lion. I'll be either the Tin Man or the Scarecrow and ::B:: will be the other. The two oldest boys wanted to be The Grim Reaper and Dracula.
Project 3: Haunted Bingo + Party Bags [again using Carina Gardner's Haunted + Raven collections].

Project 4: "dem bones dem bones gonna dance around". Have you ever seen a skeleton doing a heel click? I thought it would be fun. The skeleton and spooky cutouts are from Samantha Walker's Harvest Moon Halloween Accents. I sprayed the spooky with adhesive and glittered it. I wanted it to stand out but not be distracting. I kind of like it.

And I think that's enough for one day. See you next time for the end of month round-up ;).

ps. I'm open to project suggestions. Want to see me make something?
pps. After cutting out everything involved in these various projects I decided to use my saved up [for the past 4+ years] birthday money and buy a Silhouette Cameo. It's in the mail. Yipee!

Friday, October 28, 2011


A few days ago I wrote a fascinating post that started something like this: Here I sit, fingers poised over the keys waiting for an incredibly clever and catchy title to pop into head, but all I've got is this, "Fill in the blank. Fill in the blank." rolling through my head. My fingers tap out the word absenteeism.

I remember that my internet was having issues that day and the post was lost. All except the title. A tragedy to be sure.

I remember that it was very clever.

I remember that I googled "absenteeism" to check my spelling, and found myself amused by the various reasons for absenteeism. Most of which seemed applicable.

I remember that the only reason I got on to blog in the first place was that I was giddy with excitement over a most wonderful [small scale] project idea I've decided to embark on.

I remember that I was not willing to give any specific details about said project.

I'm still not.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Girl Friday

This girl knows what she wants. And she's got the fashion thing down. Three things to remember: Pink is pretty. Princess = perfect. A tutu makes everything better. Even pajamas.

This momma is going shopping today. Normally this doesn't go so well [possibly the problem is that these jeans look like they fit my nine year old son]. I'm thinking that if I go in with a plan it will be more enjoyable. But I could be wrong. Here's to hoping.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


I always feel self-conscious when I dress up. I guess accessorizing the jeans + t-shirts is a nice place to start. And I do wish those boots had a bit of a heel.