Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For the past few years I've fluctuated between yes December Daily and no December Daily. I've even made small bits of progress towards actually doing it each of those years. This year has been no different. I've picked up a few more sheets of paper to add to the small stash I've collected with this project in mind. I also picked up a few bundles of ribbon and some elements. Then last night I bought some digital elements from House of 3 [even though I'm not doing this project digitally]. My intentions were that I would actually accomplish the task this year. Based on the fact that it starts tomorrow and I am still dreaming + playing with ideas for the album it's looking like this year will be another great advancement towards next years album [it's a real bummer sometimes that I am so incredibly slow at this. I'm not making any promises, but I have been working on a few things today...
one: the embellished paper doily project. I followed this project with interest when Christine did it back in May. It's been stuck in my mind. I've been scrapbooking digitally for so long now that I miss holding things in my hand. I miss playing. I can't even remember how to go about doing it. I love the step by step she offered. I decided that I'll be doing some embellished paper snowflakes to add to some of my december daily pages.
two: a fun little project for you. Inspired by the Christmas Cheer Elements Kit I bought at House of 3. I bought the kit so I could make some cute little dimensional things to put on my snowflakes. One of my favorite things in the kit was a little vintage sticker/ribbon thingy. Today I printed 3 copies of them and cut them out and layered them. I loved it. I wanted more! I made a template for you. You're so lucky [assuming that it's as easy to use as I think it will be]. It's basically just the shapes you need to make the badge and a vintage picture I turned into a sticker looking element. Just add your papers digitally [I used Elle's studio + Echo Park papers from JS] using the shapes as masks and then print [or print them out as they are and use them as a template to trace around] and cut out. Stack them up and enjoy your handywork.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy [especially if you just happen to have a punch that will make that pinking circle. Then it would be really easy.
And speaking of lemon squeezy... today I made lemon simple syrup to try out a new italian soda flavor and all I can say is lemon drops anyone?
ps. as tomorrow is December 1st I've been searching for some type of Christmas countdown to add to my advent boxes. I finally found one. Here's the link if you're looking too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


one: the 3rd grade man came home from school with Father + Mother Pilgrim yesterday. They were so cute I wanted to share. I even made a pattern for you all because I think they would make awesome name cards/place settings. The boy has gone to bed, but I'll have him pose with them tomorrow + get a photo up ASAP. The template is in the box. Please let me know if you use it!
two: I've got packaging on the brain these days. I love this. What a great gift tag.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Photoshop Friday

It's digi-friday again. I'm still up in the air about making this a permanent feature. Maybe [if I keep doing every episode of Photoshop Friday at JS it would be a simple enough thing to do]. This is the layout I did using Photoshop Friday Episode 26: Soft Glow Photos. $1.00 until Sunday night. I can't get enough of Photoshop Friday! This layout was done using the template that came with the episode [though I did switch out the papers to make for more boyish ones and I dropped the brads and added more of the journal lines]. The photo was altered using the tutorial. Can I just say that I loved it! I use PSE 4.0 [yes, you read that right... 4.0] and therefore miss out on all of the cool photo actions out there. Thanks to Jessica it doesn't matter! This is such a great effect. I love it! I also used papers from the My Awesome Life: Teen Album Class and other textures from a site Jessica recommends/uses in the tutorial. I fell in love. I covered the paint swatches and the background paper with them. You'll have to pick up the episode to find out what I'm talking about ;). Seriously, it's only a buck. Go get it! Also, don't forget about the free class. Registration is open now. Sign up if you haven't yet. And one more thing: Don't miss the Jessica Sprague Holiday sale for 20% off that will start on Black Friday and will go through December 31st. And here's a little extra incentive. Spend $20 and get a free kit put together by the designers. Lots of paper [over 35 sheets], lots of elements [over 50], lots of fun. Here's a sneak peek at some of the papers... I think I might love that star one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's About That Time Again

I've been looking over my list. Seeing what I can cross off. Making exceptions. Giving myself a little slack. It's all good you know. No pressure when it comes to the list. That's what I tell myself. So, here it is. The official List of 33. I'm calling it good enough. I also added a few things I accomplished that weren't on the list. They more than make up for the things I never got around to.
  1. expand my bookshelf
  2. write a sentence a day
  3. make a mix tape
  4. paint tiny art
  5. capture me
  6. save 33 x $10 in an envelope
  7. do something for someone they can't do themselves
  8. try new recipes
  9. feed people not living in my home
  10. do a photo transfer with acetone I'm counting this as done. I followed the instructions but wasn't successful. Trying it was the point I think.
  11. shoot ttv
  12. get garden boots
  13. take a dance class Zumba anyone?
  14. embroider something Initials on a scripture bag weren't necessarily what I had in mind, but whatever.
  15. take back the bookcase does covering it up count?
  16. get photos taken in a photobooth [anybody know where I can find a photobooth?]
  17. make + send postcards
  18. learn to play lucky penny
  19. get a photo gallery wrapped
  20. spend a weekend w/B [and only B] I'm counting this too. Even though we had the baby with us. Should've done it before the baby was born...
  21. make a baby book the book is made. It's just lacking the little details... like photos + words.
  22. do random acts of kindness
  23. explore the antique shop on the outskirts of Cedar.
  24. make an artsy family video [anybody know how to do this?]
  25. plant flowers
  26. print photos
  27. dress up. be brave
  28. re-cover throw pillows
  29. make a quilt
  30. alter a shirt Percy Jackson's camp halfblood shirt will have to do.
  31. go on a photo walk
  32. save 33 lists Igot really close.
  33. revisit "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life"
Things I did that were not on the list: Added another little person to our family Made new friends Reconnected with old friends Made scripture bags Made a doll bottled lots of soup bottled some salsa Made apple pie Learned to make bread Made lots of pizza Made calzones too. Made [and enjoying very much] homemade yogurt Practiced saying no. Became a teacher Finished the happy banner + hung it up Enjoyed the happy baner every day since. Wondered if *B* would like me to take down the happy banner Made juice - lots and lots of juice Made pumpkin muffins Converted entirely to whole wheat pancakes Reminded myself how to crochet Crocheted a few baby bear hats + one large bear hat Crocheted a hair bow Planted a garden Pulled lots of weeds with a very large belly in the way Made the JS Creative Team Sold a few pieces of art Made a few sets of baby legs Played volleyball anyone else have something to add to my list?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Seems like 2.for.Tuesday has turned into digi-Tuesday. Today is no exception. I will, however, commit now to incorporating more other stuff as well. one: free class! Inspiration everywhere is a 10-day class covering five different paths to inspiration: •Words •Music •Art •Tools •Play For each of the themes there will be a project to make, and different techniques to call your creative muse, no matter WHAT kind of art you make! Class runs from November 29 - December 8. Now, I know what your thinking... "that's a really busy time of year. I can't do a class then." Well, you never know. Maybe you'll have a really quiet week! I say sign up. Make an effort to read and be inspired by the daily prompts. Do the assignment or don't do the assignment. Whatever. Just let it inspire you. I'll admit to doing this on more than one occasion [like maybe every class I've ever taken] and I've decided that it's okay. I'm being inspired. And the great thing about Jessica Sprague's classes is that they're always yours. You can always come back and revisit lessons. The classroom doesn't close. So, like I said. Sign up! There is no reason not to... It's free! two: template 1.09 from Jessica Sprague. It's up for one buck Wednesday tomorrow. In its original state it's set on an angle across the page. I guess I was having one of those days because I just couldn't make it work for me. My brain didn't function that way. I ended up rotating everything except the backgrounds so they were straight. A little OCD? Yes. But we already knew that. So. That's my most recent. Click the layout to get more info about it. Like what other products I used + how I did something.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Digi Day!

There's a free [yes, you read that right F.R.E.E.] Photoshop Friday up at Jessica Sprague. It's free all weekend. I made this page using the template that comes with the "justified titles" tutorial. I did, however, change out the papers + some elements to coordinate better with my photo/theme, but as a whole I left the template as-is. It's a pretty cool one]. So, not only do you get a free template, but this is your opportunity to see what Photoshop Friday is all about and to finally find out for yourselves how amazing Jessica is. She is a master teacher. You can't get it wrong with her. Really. So seriously. It's free. What are you waiting for?
What was that? Did I hear you say you don't have Photoshop? Sheesh! It must be your lucky day! ...Photoshop! GET YOUR PHOTOSHOP HERE! [It's a free 30 day trial + I recommend going with Elements].
Products used: Photoshop Friday Episode 25 Sweet Summertime Paper Pack 1 Teen Album Add-On Kit

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


one: This really great template. It's Jessica Sprague Template 1.02 and it's $1.00 tomorrow only. One Buck Wednesday people. Gotta love it! So many great things to play with. Go see!
two: Number 33. I'm calling it done [nice that I'm crossing it off just for watching this video and participating in the interactive part of it. That's revisiting, right?]. Thanks to Amy for the help.
If you haven't read "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" I highly recommend it. Highly.
ps. her children's books are really great too...