Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Girl

Wow, two days in a row! Feeling a little antsy and creative energy. It's been a long time and I'm having a hard time letting it back into my life. It tends to run my life... feast or famine. Binge and purge. etc. Oh well, I'll just ride the wave and try to keep myself in check. Besides staying up at 6:00 a.m. and trying to get a little chaos out of the way, this is what I've been up to today (this is still one of my favorite photos of her thus far...

The journaling is prompted by Shimelle's February 01, 2008 Write it Down. It reads: "This girl I thought was Ezra, but she's Emma. This girl is growing way too fast, but I'm excited to see what she becomes. This girl's daddy has a new sweetheart, but I'm okay with that. This girl has two big brothers that love her, but sometimes they love too much. This girl cries all day, but sleeps really great at night. This girl has stolen my heart, but that's a good thing." And one more thing: this girl slept for a six hour stretch last night. Wahoo!

I went out to eat with Jana (she's moving to Omaha on Saturday). I just wouldn't let her leave without eating at 25 Main and of course having a cupcake. Peanutbutter Cup is rivaling Orange Blossom as my current favorite (I shouldn't be eating cupcakes at all. Just yesterday I proclaimed that I would stop eating added sugar...).

I asked *B* if he was ever going to go there with me and he said probably not. I guess that's just going to be a place for me and the girls. His loss! Enjoying the journey

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Checking In...

Hello there! Yes, we're still alive. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I had a root canal a week ago and my mouth just felt wrong. I went to the dentist again yesterday and he drilled off quite a bit of my tooth and now I feel much better (although it's possible that way too much of my tooth is missing. at least it doesn't hurt!). After we got back into town I talked*B* into going to Lowe's to look for a paint color to paint this dresser/hutch thing we got for the girl's clothes. She started howling and just wouldn't stop. I haven't really been in the car with her that it didn't calm her down. I had a flashback of when *I* was a baby and I would go eat with *B* at work (he was working swing then). I went just to get out of the house and give someone else a chance to hold the little man. He would scream at me all afternoon. The girl is the same way. We had to leave the store. On the way home *B* was gripping the steering wheel and I could tell he was totally agitated. We couldn't get home fast enough. Exactly what it was like with *I*. Does this mean she'll be a punishment for my childhood too? I don't think it's fair if I get punished for all of my brothers and sisters! Paybacks stink. Enjoy the Journey! P.S. Remember the list? I'll be checking in on that sometime soon. I've been doing a few things.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Please notice my new quote. Also, this is my mantra for the day... "My boys are imaginative, playful, and creative children and I love them." I was reading about colic in a book I have and they said not to put a child under 6 weeks old in a swing but gave no explaination. Any thoughts as to why that would be? Lastly, I realize it's been a long while and you all want pictures. Here you go: