Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a reminder

a reminder, originally uploaded by shimelle.

I almost forgot I was doing this! It's something I found when I was reading past posts. See how good it is to write stuff down!

Ha Ha! Twice in One Day!

You'll never beg me for a post again! Since I was on the internet (and at the moment I can get a signal) I decided to go over THE LIST to see what I needed to do in the next month + 1/2 to meet my goals. As all things with me go, it took me a while to get there... I spent a lot of time reading past posts and laughing and just being genuinely glad that I've been blogging. It is so not a waste of time... I finally made it. Here's how things are standing:

  1. In some areas I am doing better at doing less (like in the cleaning area...he he) I have really made an honest effort at simplifying and would be doing less if I hadn't joined the PTA. Again, stupid.
  2. Attend the temple monthly... um, no. But I did get my recommend renewed on Sunday. I had no idea it had expired... in January!
  3. Not so great at studying diligently. I read with the kids every night and for those of you who think I'm a little nuts (and those of you in book club), I did find one of the scriptures about "disaparating" (Harry Potter)/"turning yourself into the wind" (The Alchemist). It's Helaman 10:16-17. I'll see if I can find the others.
  4. Pray earnestly. Well, at least we pray.
  5. Serve willingly. I'm serving.
  6. Rejoice. Hmm... maybe I should read the Conference addresses again.
  7. Ponder daily the question, "Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch our family today?”
  8. Write it down . I write lots of thing down... I just can't find them again later!
  9. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today . I'm very good at this. When I don't do something I know full well it's not for tomorrow.
  10. Embrace being a nurturer. Working on it.
  11. Get rid of my clutter. Working on it.
  12. Paint a picture. Did it.
  13. Frame it. No frame.
  14. Hang it in my house. Done. It's stuck in the trim of my cupboards. Maybe you've seen it?
  15. Take a photograph every day. Close...
  16. Display pictures of my family. I have some. Just need to get them up.
  17. Re-paint the upstairs bathroom. Next weekend?
  18. exercise regularly. YES!
  19. Take the boys to Sea World. Going next month.
  20. Go to a Farmer’s Market. Done. I was a little disappionted... maybe someplace other than here would be better.
  21. Make a collage/scrapbook page per week yeah, so I don't scrapbook right now... instead I'm going to donate 12" to Locks of Love.
  22. Weekly Yoga class. I went back to yoga last night after a long break.
  23. Perfect a whole wheat pancake recipe. We had them this morning. They are so good that you don't have to put anything on them.
  24. Make my own Pesto. Done.
  25. Put up all of my Christmas trees before Dec. 1 ...enjoyed the fact that I got a tree up at all.
  26. Get our year supply caught up. We have really been working on that. I'll have to see where we're at and what we need to do to finish it.
  27. Make out at the lake. Make out period... I seem to lack the focus for that since the naughtiness was taken out of the equation.
  28. Chalk paint on the sidewalk with the boys. It's starting to be cool enough to do this.
  29. Write down the stories of my life. That is what I am doing here.
  30. Lose 31 lbs. keep... baby weight under 31 lbs. ... I guess I succeeded at this. I've got that much to lose again after losing nearly 30 with BFL. Now I get to start where I started before. I can do it though.
  31. Enjoy the journey. Yes, definitely yes.

And now I will get off the computer and pay some attention to the girl who has morphed her cute baby nasal cry into a high pitched scream this week. It really irritates me.

I Want to Meet Amy.

Last fall I introduced Amy Krouse Rosenthal to my friends. I shared one of my all time favorite books "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" with my book club. I also shared a really great quote with you from this article: Heck, Yeah, I want a Medal. Now I want to share this video... "17 things I made" and this one... as she made the 18th. I think it's kind of fun and I think I still really want to meet Amy. Enjoy the Journey

Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Photos to Go With It...

I thought you deserved the photos I wanted to share but couldn't supply because my internet service provider was down (aka: my neighbor!... for the record, they did say it was okay).

  1. Yes, she's growing like a weed. We try to get our tummy time in but she usually throws up all over and then that's the end of that. I hoped to get a smile out of her, but it didn't happen this time.
  2. The first grader with his best friends. I'm sure glad he has good friends.
  3. no photo... because I'm anti.
  4. don't they look yummy? I am quite proud of us and VERY grateful for the help we received from *B*s parents.
  5. art journaling is a new love. I don't feel the pressure. when I find something I think would be fun I drop it into a bag of stuff I'm collecting to use and when I get an idea for a start I grab stuff out and throw it together. this one is a collection of Dove Promises. and yes, I really did eat the whole box.
  6. babynames. I didn't even start. I will post a picture though... someday.
  7. paid to take pictures. amazing. I might seriously consider it. this one is of melissa & her mom & her sister (who is tan from spending summer school at BYU Hawii). they're super cute and I don't think they'll mind being on my blog.

so, that's it.

enjoy the journey

Friday, September 12, 2008

If I have to...

I don't even know where to begin to tell about life these days... I've checked out (with the exception of a few random bursts).
  1. the girl is growing like a weed. Two weeks ago she weighed in at 15 lbs. and was 24 inches. She is definitely ours. So far she still has beautiful bright blue eyes and her daddy is really hopeful that she'll keep them. Brother #1 had the same eyes but they've mellowed to a greyish blue now. Her hair is looking auburn/red at the moment. If I had to guess I would say she has a lot of my early days look about her. I have pictures of my 1st b-day and my hair is reddish. Maybe she'll follow my lead and start with red, move on to blonde, then to dirty blond, then to auburn/dark blonde. Then again, maybe she'll have dark dark hair like her daddy and bright baby blues like her momma. Isn't that what we all dream of? Unless of course you've got it!
  2. School started. We've got a 1st grader this year. He likes riding his bike to school. He especially likes being in charge of himself. Don't tell anyone, but on the days I work I set the timer and tell him that if his friends haven't come by the time the beeper goes off he needs to hustle to school alone. He loves being his own boss for 2o min. He got 100% on his first spelling test.
  3. I am kicking myself daily for being the PTA treasurer. Maybe it is an easy job eventually, but truthfully, nothing is really easy when it requires large chunks of time and you've got a nursing baby/small family. Stupid.
  4. The cannery was giving away peaches (literally), so we got a bunch and made jam. 54 pints of it. I'm seriously considering taking some and trying to sell it at the farmers market tomorrow. They we're also selling really beautiful looking ones for $0.35 lb. We couldn't pass that up either so we bought 100lbs or so and canned 70 qts. so at least we have peaches in our food storage!
  5. I've been taking a couple of art journaling classes on line and have really enjoyed them. I've done a few things...
  6. I decided that I'm going to get my "best of" book for 2007 put together. Then I'll really have permission to play.
  7. After I get two baby names done. I keep forgetting about them. I promise I'll do it. Maybe I'll do that now (when I'm finished giving this update).
  8. I got paid to take pictures and was totally freaked out about it but suprisingly I enjoyed it and even more suprisingly they loved the pictures. I was so glad!
  9. It's just me and the girl again this weekend. I have a huge to-do list and, as you can guess, I'm not getting any of it done.
  10. Why is that not surprising?

There you have it. My top ten update!

Enjoy the journey!