Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Mom

Today I spent a few hours running around town looking for "wellingtons" (aka rubber boots). When the guys put on their costumes for the Halloween party we had a little problem because Superman didn't have his boots. Mom hadn't really thought about that. She was just happy they had insignias on their chests. Truth told, Superman was lucky to have a cape. Batman wasn't so lucky! Today I thought, "heck... they would love superhero boots. They will definately get used. I think I'll find some." So, I went to the D.I., Kid-to-Kid, Target, IFA (where I ran into a rancher I know from home who told me they have them at Wal-Mart... go figure), then on to Wal-Mart where, yes, they did have them! Success! I also got a can of red spray paint. Superman's boots are red you know. Tomorrow is the big day (I'll take pictures). The school has a costume parade (think "Ramona the Pest") and then the classes each have a party, the Rec Center has a carnival which I am considering taking the boys to, and then of course... TRICK-OR-TREATING! Honestly, I seriously considered shutting all the lights off and not doing the trick-or-treating thing at all. B said that would be "Tricking" so I would technically be participating. Generally I love Halloween, but this year has not been so much fun. Maybe it's because I can already feel the results in my Levi's and it's not even here yet. Hmm.... Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party

I'm still not sure if it was a great idea or not, but we ended up going to the halloween party. I figure that since Grandma told B that we were wanted regardless... anyway, I hope no one gets sick. The kids loved it. Ambree did a treasure hunt. That was a huge success. The kids sure love it when she does those. I can't believe how old she is getting. Not a little kid anymore. Grandma had bags with stickers etc. so the kids could each decorate a treat bag for the prize at the end of the hunt (Grandma had the last clue in her pocket so the kids would have to find her to get their treasure). We made creepy pizza faces for dinner and decorated creepy cupcakes for dessert. Uncle Scott and his friend Rachael made a fun fizzy drink (frappe) that the kids couldn't get enough of. If we were smart we'd give them bigger cups! All in all it was a fun night. The best part is getting to dress up! We had Buzz Lightyear, a little lion, Grandma's pumpkin, lots of ninja warriors, a ghost, Batman, Superman, and me only better... I had a cool platinum wig that I picked up in San Francisco (I had my wings there too, but never did get them on).
Enjoying the Journey!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween as Promised

So I was thinking that it would be really fun to let the kids make their own personal pizza. Give them their own lump of pizza dough and let them shape it and layer on a crazy monster face. I'm sure they would love it. When I ran it past #1 he loved it and was really excited (now he's just really bummed since dad informed him that we won't be going). I also think it would be really fun to have a creepy cupcake/cookie contest. I found these really fun pictures and knew the little guys would love it. The cookies are from Elsie and the cupcakes are from Martha. B thought it would be fun to do one of those creepy feeling guessing games. He also thought a haunted house would be fun. I think the little men are still a bit too little for that one. Mostly, I think the plan was dinner and dessert with a lot of craziness in between. I think it would be fun. I am crazy and think that there would need to be some other kind of thing to keep people entertained, but have been a little preoccupied with enrichment and sickness etc. So... that's all I have... except for homemade rootbeer of course. Can't have pizza without homemade rootbeer. I have a big black plastic cauldron and it's fun with dry ice. I think we'll still do something with just us. Poor little guys! Enjoy the Journey! oh yes... the Ladies at enrichment loved all of the cheesy things we showed them. I learned I can't call them cheesy... they're "clever".

Still Pushing Along

Little man #2 is currently running around outside with stripey pajamas and bare feet. Good mom! He has a really watery cough and an occasional low grade fever but I can't stand them in the house whining at me! Oh, just kidding, he came in. Apparently he was outside in underwear and bare feet. Even better! I've got to finish up two more tags for my food storage gifts and then I'll be off. I guess I'd better get on that seeing as how it's in an hour. Hmmm. I really wanted to share some of the fun ideas I had/found for our annual Halloween Party this year. I'm a little bummed out that it will probably be something we just do at home by ourselves this year since we're carriers of the yuck and I'm sure no one wants us to share the love. I'll have to come back later...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stuck at Home...

Can't go anywhere. I'm going insane! Little man #1 is feeling a lot better. He's been home from school all week now because he keeps having a random 103 temperature in the afternoon... right after I decide that he is for sure going to school tomorrow! Lucky me... Little man #2 has a fever today. I will continue to be stuck in the house for approx. 5 days for no apparent reason except for random fevers. Like I said... Lucky me! So, since I sold all of my scrapbooking/"crafty" stuff I had to go to Pebbles yesterday and buy paper and use their punches to make "fun and cute" gift tags for the food storage items I will be demonstrating to be given as gifts tomorrow night. I thought I might enjoy it, but I haven't. That is really too sad. Maybe it's the theme. Volleyball game tonight. We're going to region playoffs. We have a lady on our team who has discovered her love for volleyball and she is so excited to be on a good team. I am afraid she will be sorely disappointed when we go to the playoffs and get slaughtered because surely there are teams in the stake that have more than one person with some volleyball training... You know I love volleyball and love to play usually, but... well, I'm just not having a lot of fun trying to keep it all in (if you know what I mean!). Still trying to talk myself into working out again. The scale is maintaining my 20 lb. weight loss, which is exciting, but I need some exercise in my life for sanity and frustration purposes. Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, October 22, 2007


So much to say so little time! Seriously, for as much as I really enjoy doing this you'd think that I'd actually do it! Lot's going on. Lot's gone by...
  • Took a girls weekend with Erin. LOVED IT! Loved San Francisco. I could live there... the crazier the better (but I realize that I'd probably end up in trouble. Too much temptation. So, I'll keep my small town life and try to keep it simple). I'll post some pictures soon...
  • Child #1 has been sick... fever & sore throat (kept under control with Tylenol) for the whole time I was gone to SF. We took a trip to the InstaCare yesterday, the rapid strep was negative. We had given Tylenol about an hour before we went and wouldn't you know it: by the time the Tylenol wore off the kid was better. Typical. I think they only have to look at a doctor to be cured. Kept him home from school today just to be sure. We'll see what happens...
  • Super great hubby is putting the wood floor in the dining room and kitchen. He's almost finished thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for all their help getting it done (and especially for running the show here while I was gone)!
  • Primary Sacrament Meeting Program was a success. The kids sang wonderfully for me! I'm so glad it's over! None of my guys got to see it as little man #1 was sick. He didn't get to be in it either. He was sad to miss the treasure hunt I did as a reward so I had a special one for him after we went to the doctor.
  • Working on "cute" gift ideas for enrichment (this Thursday night)... Fun ways to give food storage as gifts. How would you like to get a bag of flour for Christmas? Sugar? Honey? Cans of beans? I've got ideas for all of them! Just need to make up the tags etc.
  • Trying to plan the Annual Halloween Party (tentatively scheduled for Saturday night). Still not really sure what to do. Still haven't finalized costumes ideas for the boys. Still need to make costumes etc. Lot's of stills...
  • Glad to be home. Need to get going again in 1,000 different ways. I'm really just wanting to veg and that isn't acceptable with all these things on my plate.

Do you think that's enough? I'm sure I could keep adding to that list but it started to get overwhelming! Maybe next time I post I'll have a few things crossed off the list!

Enjoy the Journey!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm Trying to Regroup

I took a huge step for me yesterday and again today (but today it was with a little more angst than yesterday)... Yesterday I cleaned what was formerly known as my craft room. The huge step came as I was going through a pile of papers, sorting them into smaller piles, and setting up a plan for me to revisit them throughout the next few months. I know, I know... I'm borderline insane! I just kept thinking that those notes from various women's conferences etc. held some profound knowledge for me then... so what was it? I was making a plan to find out! And then... drumroll please... I realized that there isn't anything new in those papers. No information I couldn't find if I wanted to seek. So, I tossed them! Wahoo! I did the same thing to a pile that perpetuates on my counter top. Three cheers for me. I've got a ways to go, but hopefully and can unload all of my trash. All this stuff that is weighing me down in every way shape and form. Enjoy the Journey!