Monday, March 28, 2011

Playing Ketsup

a small attempt at being clever and a big reminder that ketsup is really a goofy word. I'm just saying. So, this month really ran away with me. It's been nice in some ways, but now comes the day of accountability. I've not shared my projects. Here you go in a big whirlwind of JS products: one: I can't! I don't have any two feet! Girlie cracks me up. two: Polka Party! I wish I really did have one. Really. I'll share a little joke instead: The other day I left my accordian in the backseat of my car while I ran into the store. When I came back I realized that I forgot to lock the doors because now there were three accordians in the backseat :). I've always wanted to have a polka party... three: A while back Liv made these really great brushes for labeling photos. Today, while looking for a project to do and at the same time lamenting the fact that I can't get my kids to do anything [is there a way to underline + italicize + superhighlight that word?] I thought maybe a bit of personal responsibility might be in order. Voila... A kids weekly calendar. We'll have a family planning session later on tonight.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


one: A feelings/ASL book template made by Nisa Fiin [Splendid Fiins at JS]. I really have no words for how awesome this project is. I knew immediately that my kids would love it. The girl was such a ham while taking the photos too. I wasn't sure if we'd get photos of her or if we'd need to use the incredibly cute ones included in the template. I'm so glad we got her to play it up. It's so much fun to watch her watching herself.
To make the book I printed the photos and mod podged them to a board book the kids got at Wendy's. I put mod podge over the photos to seal them from dirty fingers as well. I did use an exacto knife and sanding block to get the edges lined up nicely and I inked them to make it pretty where it was sanded. That's pretty much it. Oh, the little camera thingy on the back cover is from Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend Elements. I think it's awesome!
Please note: I resized the template to 5x5 in order to fit the book I had. The template comes print ready for a bookmaker like PaperKiwi or Blurb or whatever. Also, it comes with another page template with space to put lots more photos of each feeling. This preview is of the ones I did because of the space I had in the boardbook. two: Click Cards. I made these using Liv.E Click Elements available Monday at JS. I've been working on my own cards etc. for a Project Life [365] album we've been working on. It's still in it's very basic stages but I think I'm getting close to being on top of it the way I'd like it. See, my problem is that I like 8.5 x 11 albums so I didn't want to buy the kit. I make things way too hard on myself!