Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She Fell In a Hole

The Man took the three oldest ice fishing and they had a ball. The ice on Panguitch Lake is nice and thick and the day was beautiful. As indicated by the brilliant blue sky. The nice thing about heading north for fishing is that Grandpa can be lured into joining the party. This eases my mind a little because it's nice to know there is another adult present in case of emergency.

It just so happens that the girl falls into the category of three oldest, and she has been hounding her daddy for weeks to go ice fishing [I think it started with the arrival of her pink boots with furry trim... didn't see that coming a mile away].  This past weekend the plan fell into place. Finally. As the girl is a bit of a goer and she doesn't pay much attention to her surroundings, it really comes as no surprise that she stepped right into a hole. And she spent the rest of the day inside the tent wrapped up in blankets since she now only had one pink boot with furry trim. The other was filled with water.

ps. This photo might just turn out to be the only decent photo I get of this boy. He seems have developed an aversion to my photo taking habit. I am not okay with this.


  1. Poor Em! The loss of a beloved boot is heartbreaking!! :) I still want to go ice fishing someday!!

  2. He looks so much like you! The resemblance is uncanny as I have never before thought he looked like anyone but himself! So cute. (Can I say cute about a boy his age?)

  3. Jana is right - he is a Mickelson boy. Looks like fun. (Maybe for some)

  4. Yeah, he definitely is. And they love the fishing.